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Elk Grove Chapter, Order of DeMolay

What is Demolay?

DeMolay is an 80-year-old organization for young men between the ages of 12-21. 

It has had over 2 million members-Famous members are:

Walt Disney, Mel Blanc, Bob Mathias, John Steinbeck, John Wayne and many others


The organization teaches young men to be leaders, some members are in charge of the entire chapter, planning events, making presentations.

The adults are there to advise and help the members become better men, better people, and keep them safe.

DeMolay offers many events, things decided by the members such as sports tournaments, river rafting, camping, dances and much more.


DeMolay is based on seven virtues-

Filial Love-love of parents

Reverence for Sacred things-respect for other beliefs




Cleanness and


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